When The Unknown Future Drives..


“But you decided that you are going to do homework first and then play,” said Shikha to her friend Saumya.

“Yeah! But I changed my mind. I can’t focus on studies due to excitement of playing,” replied Saumya.

“See, you are not playing good as per your natural game.”

“No, I’m playing good.”

“It feels like you have something in mind. You are not fully committed.”

“No. I’m into it.”

“No, you are not.”

“Yeah, you are right!”

“What is the matter?”

“Study. I get tired when I go home and do not feel like studying. And, due to worries of completing studies, I’m not able to play my natural game either. I don’t know whether I’ll be in a mood to study.”

“Stop thinking about future. You can’t live fully if you are worried about future.”

“But I need to think about it.”

“Yes, you should. Otherwise we would be robots who doesn’t have anything in mind than thinking only about present. But not by worrying about it; but by hoping that it will be just fine.”

The crazy fact is, to live in the moment; we need to think about the future that everything will turn out to be right.

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Man Made Unhappiness


Copyright – Kelly Sands

“These local brand clothes make me feel inferior in front of my friends. This time, I want Levi’s clothes,” complained Suzanne to her father.

Father didn’t respond, but lifted a heavy bag from storage room & insisted her to walk along.

On the road, father unzipped the bag, gave away all their older clothes to beggars & their children. Her annoyance replaced by happiness after realization, when she noticed smiles & true joy in their eyes after receiving what they didn’t even have enough.

The crazy fact is, the black clouds of unhappiness are created by a man’s mind, not by circumstances.



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