The Scare During Night Camping

Photo By cadop at Pixabay

New experiences are always exciting and thrilling at the same time. I had one such experience when we were night camping at the base of Jivdhan Fort, situated near Junnar, Maharashtra. The journey on the road from Junnar village to the base camp of Jivdhan fort was the first-of-its-kind I had in my lifetime. We were a group of 12. Eight were in a car, we two on one bike, and another two on another bike. There was a lack of mobile network and coordination, due to which, we did not know where our friends in the car and another bike were. We found ourselves alone on the road. It was 9’o’clock at night, there was only a small road that finds its way through the jungle, and the roadside lighting was not the concept that road knew. Small houses were residing at a small distance from the road. They had lights and those were the only lights visible from the road. We were allowed to see up to the distance our bike’s headlights allowed us. We saw every kind of person who put our hearts in our throats. Each person, from a drunkard walking in a wavy motion to a big-mustache guy with self-assuring gait, face covered with a cloth, and a penetrating gaze, made us think that all we have to do was empty our pockets if we want to reach in a single piece. The only conciliation was the starry sky. It was a sheer treat to eyes in the terrifying journey. The sky defined magnificence. Fortunately, we reached the base in a single piece at 10 pm, without the need to empty our pockets. The car and another bike reached at 10:30.

I thought it was the only nerve-wracking excitement I was going to experience that night. At 1 am, I was recording whatever came to my mind and my friend’s car rushed toward me. There were four of my friends in the car. They planned to roam around in the jungle and asked if I wanted to tag along. I nodded and slipped into the car. All the heartbreaking songs were played as we bantered each other about heartbreaks and took random turns. Then we decided we would park the car on the side of the road and enjoy the atmosphere. As decided, we parked and came out. The lights were visible at a small distance from the road in various directions. A temple was visible at a far distance and devotional songs were playing there. The scintillating stars were the sight to sore eyes. The sky was jam-packed with them. The breeze was rushing our bodies and giving the delectation of lifetime. Everything seemed exquisite in the summer night.

One of the friends began telling a horror story he heard from his friends. There was a haunted house in Chandani Chowk area of Pune. Five families have committed suicide there. No one lives there and no one dares to go around the house after nine in the night. Then another friend recited his experience about the encounter with a ghost. They were traveling from Chandani Chowk to Lavasa at nine in the night in a car. They asked the route to a person walking on the roadside, wearing a white cap. He guided them with the route. Once they reached the destination, they saw the same person there, walking on the roadside. They were frightened to death, took a U-turn, and darted to the home. We were laughing and inquisitive at the same time. Then another friend began reciting his horror experience when something unexpected happened. The lights went off and scared the daylights out of everyone. Everybody screamed and rushed to get in a car. One of my friends, who did not have keys and didn’t know how to drive, tried to open the driver’s door. The one who had keys patted on his shoulder and instructed him to take the door on another side. Everyone screamed to unlock the doors. He unlocked the doors, everyone jumped out of their skins, and skidded in the car. Fortunately, the windows were closed already. We heard the crisp sound of a key turning and engines roaring. As we inched forward, the friend on the wheel turned off the headlights out of panic and everybody squealed. He turned them on and we decided to hit the base camp. We merely traveled 50 meters and the lights sprung up to life. Everybody gave a sigh of relief.

Then we were arguing over whether we should stop somewhere again or not. Finally, we decided not to. As everyone was scared out of wits for a few seconds, we began letting the emotions flow by making fun of ourselves and running imaginations. We teased the friend who was trying to open the driver’s door. Two guys on a bike overtook us and the friend at the wheel said, “Do you all see two people on the bike? If you see one, tell me. I’ll crash the other.” The other said, “Check the backseat if the person with the white cap is with us.” With mocking each other and laughing at what happened, we reached the base camp and glided in our tents for sleep. As I slid inside my tent, I thought, the stars must also be laughing at what they witnessed a few minutes ago.


Crazy Tale Of A King and Queen

‘Customer is king and kings never bargain’ was the first thing I noticed written on a board as we entered the store. We went for shopping today at Rasta Peth, Pune. This is going to be interesting, I thought. My brother was looking for a pair of jeans. Me and mother were helping him. I was just standing over there, pretending to help. A couple with their two kids, a girl of nine and a boy of five entered. Another guy, aged twenty something, seemed like a brother of a woman, accompanied them. They were in the store for buying a shirt for that guy. A salesman joined them.

Little siblings started running around, making noises, and their father asking them to behave themselves. Their mother was busy with her brother in choosing a good shirt. Kids refused to behave decently. So the father gave his phone to play games. Both of the kids sat on staircase. The girl was playing game and the boy was looking into phone. Then the father engaged into helping them choosing.

The guy tried two or three shirts, chose one, and her sister asked the shopkeeper for price. The shopkeeper offered 10 percent discount and refused to reduce price more than than. They were disappointed and didn’t buy anything. Store manager tried to convince them on their way out that the price was fair, but they didn’t listen and rushed out of the store. We were busy in choosing a pair of jeans. And a chattering noise came after few seconds. It was from the staircase. The kids were still there, engrossed in a game. It was almost 30 seconds since their parents left. We all were startled. One of the salesmen informed them that their parents had left. They were so engrossed, they didn’t respond. The parents hadn’t returned yet for their kids.

The salesman raised his voice to get their attention. The kids realized their parents had left. They descended staircase hurriedly and rushed out. Our eyebrows were raised and jaws dropped when we listened what the store manager said, ‘I hope their parents wouldn’t return if they loose them and blame us for not keeping an eye on them.’

The Fun Was Not Over Yet


‘This is way out of my league,’ I thought as I entered Farzi Café in Pune for office team outing. The restaurant had a beautiful ambiance, delicious food, and great service. The experience was amazing, except an awkward moment when the captain explained me what they serve in orange mocktail and among all those sophisticated words he used to describe the contents of the drink, I didn’t understand any word except, orange mocktail. So out of embarrassment, I said, please get me Orange Mocktail. Besides, I had fun, we all had fun, and we bade adieu to two of our teammates.

I went to my bike which was parked roadside as we waved goodbye to each other after coming out of the cafe. I never thought the fun was not over yet. It was quarter past nine in the evening, the street was little busy, and a crisp weather with a gentle breeze made me wear a sweatshirt on my way to home. I was about to take my sweatshirt out from bag residing on bike’s seat when I saw a white Chevrolet Optra arriving. One of the chauffeurs waiting to take the car to the parking area rushed at the driver’s side.

The guy handed him the key. From the left front door, the girl, fair, chubby, in her mid-twenties stepped out of a car with a handbag. Her eyes, outlined with a super thick wing lining reflected dubious and self-obsessed nature. The upper half of her hair was tied in a ponytail and the lower half was hanging loose. She was wearing black off-shoulder long sleeved shirt, grey knee-length skirt, and black pointy toed five-inch heels. The guy was marching slowly on the other side till he reached the left rear wheel of car. He was handsome, medium-framed, and in his mid-twenties too. He was wearing a purple shirt, light blue pair of jeans, and brown loafers. His entire poise conveyed sophistication. Suddenly, he hurried to the left front door which was already opened and asked the chauffeur not to move ahead.

He checked left pocket of his jeans for something, then right pocket, and started searching something below the seat. I guessed he might have dropped his phone. He moved the left front seat back and forth. Then, the chauffeur also checked below the driver’s seat by coming out of the car. They found nothing. The guy looked worried. The girl asked him to check on the backseat. But he didn’t find anything. So he asked girl to give her phone. I thought I was right. He was searching for his phone. As soon as he took her phone, he didn’t dial his phone number. Rather, he asked her whether there is a balance in her phone. And to my astonishment, she said no. I was surprisingly, utterly shocked. Her phone was Samsung Galaxy S7, attire was class, and entire demeanor conveyed sophistication too. How can a girl, who radiated lofty standards as per my observation, does not have a balance in her phone? But the guy didn’t look surprised at all. He asked chauffeur to dial his number. He dialed and the phone rang. And another surprise, rather a big blow was awaiting me. The phone was in her handbag. She handed over the phone to him with a brittle laugh and a surprise. She forgot that the phone was in her bag all the time. He gave her an enraged look as he took the phone and her laugh extinguished. He asked the chauffeur to carry on.

The guy asked her to move ahead and made some phone calls. I wore my sweatshirt and left. On my way to home, I was thinking more about what happened outside the restaurant than what happened inside. I forget a lot of things a lot of times, because I am always busy in living in my own world. I was relieved that there are people in the world who are self-obsessed like me and do not care about what is happening around. But one thing I was not able to understand was how can anyone not have a balance in such an expensive smartphone? Above all, he asked whether there was balance in the phone, which implies, this was not the first time. And I burst into laughing when I realized this. He asked about balance before dialing and she said no balance. And above all, he had to face an embarrassment when they found the phone in her handbag. What that chauffeur would have thought? This was the reason behind that enraged look he gave her, I guess. But I was laughing the whole time on my way to home over this incidence. I replayed it and laughed again and again. Witnessing this incident was the best way I could finish my day.

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