We Also Get Hurt When We Hurt Our Loved Ones


I apologized to her. I don’t do it usually. I always thought that she is the one who always picks up a fight with me, she complains over petty issues, and she is the one who responds arrogantly if a small misunderstanding arises. I knew I don’t deserve this kind of treatment. No one deserves it. I always hated her for being arrogant and then apologizing to me, justifying her behavior, and blaming the heat of the moment.

Whenever she talked to me that way, I retorted back in the same way. Later, she used to apologize, but I never did. And everything got back to normal. But today, it was a different situation. I talked to her arrogantly because I couldn’t keep my cool and lost control over my emotions in the heat of the moment. Yes, I understood what heat of the moment is. Everything she used to say, to which I called unreasonable, manipulation, and justification, was not what I thought it was. Though I’ve hurt her, I was hurt too. I realized I am affected when I climbed one more floor of my building, knocked the door, and saw the face of that annoying aunty who always taunts me on getting lower paying job than her son. When she welcomed me with her annoying giggle, I came to my senses. My home was on the second floor and I was on the third. Out of embarrassment I said I was their for a tea. I don’t even drink tea. But that’s what I could think of at that time.

I think I shouldn’t have hated her as much as I hated. Now I know what happens and what goes through her mind. The crazy fact is, just because we hurt our loved ones, doesn’t mean we don’t get hurt. We get affected too. And we feel horrible about it when we realize it. She knew it. So she accepted my apology like a lady, not like a baby, the way I do it.

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Who’s Mad??


The problem is not they don’t trust me

The thing is they form opinions

Based on others’ prejudices

Some of them are them are such losers

Who refused to try and don’t want

Others to try and experience something

That is unexplored, unique

They want me to do what others think,

Is right or wrong, good or bad

They fail to realize that those others

Have formed their opinions based on

What others think is right

That means no one knows what is right

Everybody doing things based on what

Others think is right or wrong

There is no defined thing as right

They only guess that certain things,

Certain actions are right because

Others may be thinking them as right

So we don’t want to feel vulnerable

In those eyes, who has no idea,

What they are doing, what they have done

Only those people judge others

Who can’t do something on their own

So they need approval on each step

They take, that they are doing right

And if they see someone doing

Something different, something unreasonable

They do what they do the best

They judge and talk behind their back

And the crazy fact, those who know where

They are going are considered as ‘mad’,

And those who wander here and there

Trying to be right in others’ eyes

Without knowing what they are doing

Are considered as ‘normal’..


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