The Dusk of Desire

The sun lazily crept down the horizon as they held each other’s hand enjoying the view in front. The fog leapt hills adjoining the dam and greenery adorned the hill. Seated on a high wall beside the dam, their eyes twinkled as they watched the water flow calmly; the soothing effect reached deep into their minds. A gentle breeze blew every now and then, sending slight shivers through their veins. The surrounding greenery soaked into their sub-conscience, they looked into each other’s eyes. She gave him an affectionate smile. He held her closer, sliding his hand comfortably over her shoulder. They turned back their gazes to experience the magnificent beauty of the scenery that lay ahead. Immersed deep into the profoundness of the moment, they hardly realized that this would be another priced addition to their treasure of memories.

It was in that moment when they were dissociated from the rest of the world. Their cellphones stashed aside, it was their eyes which did the capturing – slowly acknowledging each other’s presence and the surreal atmosphere around.

‘This is too beautiful to be real!’ she remarked.
‘Yes. And so are you,’ he nudged.
‘But I am here. With you, right now!’
She edged closer.
‘Don’t act all surprised. I know you think you are the most beautiful in the world.’
‘Yeah… That’s right!’ She shrugged.
‘And you have no idea how ‘right’ it is!’
He smiled.
‘Let’s do it now,’ she said.

They propped against each other and stood up against the blowing wind. Both looked down at the flowing water once again – towards the blinding white froth that would act as the end-curtain to their epic stories.

This post was written in association with my friend, writer, and a nyctophile, Anamika Kumari.


Just Be Here

She sat beside him and looked deeply into his eyes. Her eyes radiated an immense adoration for him.

‘What?’ said he as her gaze startled him.

‘Nothing,’ clarified she, endearingly.

‘Say it, nah!’

‘Nothing… Just be here.’

And she rested her head on his shoulder, held his hand, and closed her eyes.

The crazy fact is, someone’s mere presence is enough to fade away the feeling of loneliness.

You Were That Angel


At that time, I was returning to my floor after dinner. I was checking my phone while climbing up stairs. And I accidentally collided to a girl. I apologized immediately. She accepted my apology gracefully. I glanced at her and noticed she was beautiful.

I gave her a compliment, ‘You are beautiful. Your eyes illuminate innocence.’

She said, ‘I said it’s fine, you don’t have to flatter me to convey it was a genuine mistake.’

‘No, I’m serious. An artist never lies.’

‘What do you do?’

‘I am a writer.’

‘So are you going to write a poem for me now?’



‘Because I already have. I imagined an angel, wrote a poem on her beauty, and here you are… Yes, you were that angel I imagined.’

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Believe Me When I Say This


Believe me when I say this,
You look stunning in those spectacles,
Your smile compliments your beauty,
And the way you caress your hair,
I lose track of time for some moments.

Believe me when I say this,
I was so nervous when I thought of,
Asking you to come with me,
On my bike to college.
As I noticed your home is near mine,

Believe me when I say this,
I never go to college on time,
But I like waiting for you at your place,
By coming five minutes earlier,
And fix my eyes for your first look.

Believe me when I say this,
I deliberately choose the route,
That has traffic every day,
And getting stuck in traffic,
Never felt so good before.

Believe me when I say this,
I turn petrol switch off,
And pretend that engine has problems,
So I can walk with you to garage,
And have conversations on the way.

Believe me when I say this,
I am never hungry while going back,
But stop at various restaurants,
To spend more time with you,
And try to know you more.

Believe me when I say this,
I try to get your attention,
By getting into your way in college,
And feign surprise on my face,
Like it is a coincidence.

Believe me when I say this,
I always think about you,
Even when you are not around,
And cherish all those moments,
To brighten my life.

The crazy fact,
Believe me when I say this,
I don’t know how,
But because of you,
Every moment of my life,
becomes so beautiful.


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Unreciprocated Love


I gestured shopkeeper,
My forefinger and middle finger,
Forming a V-shape,
All other fingers rolled in toward palm,
He brought two Chocolate Cadburys,
It was my routine while going to college.

That’s when I saw her,
I don’t like chocolate at all,
Get me a milk Cadbury,
She declared to her friend.
I was astonished to hear that.
After all, who doesn’t like chocolate?

My love for chocolate was endless.
I could not live without chocolate.
And she didn’t like chocolate at all,
She demanded milk Cadbury,
And I don’t like milk at all,
I smiled to myself, startled.

She was a new girl in our colony.
Beautiful, jovial, assertive, and bubbly.
Her brash and carefree stance,
Was enough for me to fall in love.
I was intense, more formal, and quiet.
When alone, I couldn’t help myself, but blush.

After all, how a relationship would grow,
Without two people with opposite personalities,
Complete each other,
Complement each other,
And fall in love with,
Everything they are not.

And we fell in love,
I can’t tell you how it happened,
Because I start blushing as I reminisce,
Everything happened to me,
For the first time,
She was my first love.

Those feelings can’t be described,
When we walked together holding hands,
When we smiled on each other’s weirdness,
When we looked in each other’s eyes fondly,
When we watched sunset silently,
When we appreciated each other’s individuality.

And… That one day,
When she told me she was leaving me,
Her parents found a match for her,
He was an NRI, working in foreign countries,
He was indeed better for their prestige,
But that was for her parents.

I was a simple guy, having a decent job,
After all, I had unlimited love for her.
But, I was shattered when she said,
I am leaving you for him, I tried to convince,
I will reach that level, just give me some time,
But, she left me with nothing, but shattered dreams.

And… Now,
The love for chocolates has ended, permanently.
Every time I think of eating chocolates,
It reminds me of the girl,
Whom I loved unconditionally,
Whom I accepted as the way she was.

Even though I eat it,
The sweetness has become sour,
The essence of cocoa has disappeared.
The passion with which I ate, is no more,
Though shopkeeper is offering for free now,
But the vehemence for chocolates has been dissolved.

How a person can change someone’s life?
How a person can make the world upside down?
Why a person can’t wait?
Why a person runs behind an oasis?
Is it my fault to choose love above all?
Is it my mistake to fall for everything I am not?

The crazy fact,
We were same,
We both fell in love,
With everything ‘I’ am not.
For me, it was about nature,
But for her, it was about bank account.


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All Of My Life, I Waited…


All of my life,
I waited for that hello,
And your charming smile
That blossoms with it,
But, you never cared.

All of my life,
I waited for to listen,
That song you always hummed
With your melodious voice,
But, you never cared.

All of my life,
I waited to make that eye contact,
And pretend like we caught
Each other’s gazes coincidently,
But, you never cared.

All of my life,
I waited for that spontaneity,
With which, you reacted
To my silly jokes.
But, you never cared.

All of my life,
I waited to suffer with you,
When you expressed your feelings
In anger or frustration or anxiety.
But, you never cared.

All of my life,
I waited to enjoy with you,
When your hard work and dedication
Resulted in your glories and achievements.
But, you never cared.

All of my life,
I waited to attain perfection,
And, you made me realize that
Only you made me perfect.
But, you never cared.

All of my life,
I waited to fall in love again and again,
With your flaws and weaknesses,
I just wanted you to be yourself, always.
But you never cared.

All of my life,
I waited for that one gesture,
When you express your love
Openly and wholeheartedly,
But, you never cared.

But you,

You only cared about being a nice girl,
And they forced you to marry,
A guy who didn’t even know you beyond your beauty.

You only cared about being a nice girl,
For those who didn’t care about you.
But, only cared about social dogmas.

You only cared about being a nice girl,
See where it has gotten you,
They get angry at you when you try to be who you are.

And the crazy fact,

You only cared about being a nice girl,
Left me, took my love and my feelings for granted,
And now… they have taken your existence for granted.


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Who Is Hiding Honest Feelings Now?


His fingers trembled, fear in eyes,
Sweat trembling down his forehead,
Chest throbbing, as he sputtered,
And handed over a letter,
Filled with his feelings.

He knew he was not that bold,
To express everything,
By looking straight into her eyes.
But he was determined,
To say what he felt for her,
To express articulately.

No matter what was going to happen,
He wanted to give her that letter,
And he did it.
He thought the adrenaline elevated,
At the highest level.
But he was wrong about it.

It was just a beginning,
He had to face the reaction,
Of a spunky girl, staring right back to him,
Confident, still, determined.
Her simple glance was enough,
For anyone to take their gaze away.

He was an ordinary guy,
Shy, stoic, reticent,
Who showed some guts on that day.
She opened the letter,
And closed it immediately.
Her eyes radiated her spunky nature.

He was still & glanced at her,
Thought she’s expecting an explanation,
But he sputtered,
What do you think?
In a low voice, so low,
That it didn’t even reach his own ears.

She was quiet, staring him earnestly,
He looked down out of nervousness,
And she began laughing uncontrollably,
His perplexed mind,
Reflected through his eyes,
As he looked at her.

Eventually, you did it.
You mad, what do you think?
You are quiet, hide your honest feelings,
So, I won’t know what’s inside,
Your eyes can’t hide anything,
I know what you’ve written in this letter.

I understand, it’s difficult for you,
To explain everything eloquently,
I understand, it’s easy for you,
To express yourself through writing,
I understand, what you want to say,
When your eyes express everything.

I know, when you get insecure,
When others compliment me and you couldn’t,
I know, when you are sad,
When you try to show everything is normal.
I know, when you are happy,
When your eyes are expressionless.

You are so good at,
Hiding your honest feelings,
Look up now,
What are you so shy about?
I told you everything,
How much you spoke through your eyes.

He blinked & looked into her eyes,
With utmost sincerity,
He said it again,
The sweetness in his voice,
Reflected his true feelings.

And it was the moment,
When she blushed & looked down.
He said mischievously,
I said it, eloquently.
Look up now,
What are you so shy about?

You mad, you shouldn’t ask this,
When you know the answer.
He said, I can’t read expressions in eyes,
Like you do, so just say it.
She said, you know it,
No, I don’t, he replied.

‘I hate you.’
‘No, you don’t.’
‘Yes, I do.’
The crazy fact,
It was her,
Who was hiding honest feelings.

She glanced at him,
Her eyes radiated adoration,
The time stopped for a moment,
Nothing else mattered at that moment,
And, finally, she showed her honest feelings,


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Do You Know How Hard It Is For Me?


Do you know how hard it is for me?
To come up to you,
And start a conversation,
I tried it twice before,
And thought thousand times,
About how to make a first impression?

Do you know how hard it is for me?
Not to blush in front of you,
When you say hello,
With your beautiful smile,
And that swag,
So, I wouldn’t make you uncomfortable.

Do you know how hard it is for me?
To digest the fact,
And realize that,
You are special for me,
But for you,
I am just another guy.

Do you know how hard it is for me?
Not to smile quietly,
When I am alone,
Reminiscing your grace,
That I used to observe furtively,
So, others won’t think I’m mad.

And the crazy fact,
Do you know how hard it is for me?
To focus on what matters,
At the present moment,
Rather than roam endearingly,
In a fairytale,
Because I don’t even know whether it has a further chapter.


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As I Look Deep Into Her Eyes


Every day, I think, I won’t think about her.
But, those thoughts emerge,
When I see a couple laughing together.

Those feelings evoke,
As beats of a romantic song vibrate my eardrums.

Tears drip down,
When the mind,
Rolls over those moments we spent together.

An escape from those memories is unavoidable.
Sometimes, the pain becomes unbearable.
My soft heart gained a reputation of cold-hearted.

Yes, she left without a word.
Yes, I am alone now.
Yes, I am afraid to commit again.

Her leaving without a goodbye was agonizing.
I have thought of thousands of reasons for that.

But, an unclarified mind,
Seems far away from the right reason.

I don’t know,
Whether she made the right choice.

But, she gave me a reason to live.
To live for the moment when I will meet her.

And the crazy fact,
My heart will melt as I look deep into her eyes
And forget everything…
Like I used to.


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