Not Every Guy Is A Jackass


Holding the hand of a guy, she smiled with shyness
Who was that guy, I wondered, none of my business

Do I have any chance, hmm?? Staring them furtively
Seeking confirmation that they were just friends

Whoa, whoa, what made me think that?? Am I foolish
Or naïve or innocent?? No, that was ridiculous! Leave it!!

Ohh, I got a train to catch, hurry up, and walk faster
Missing trains by seconds is more embarrassing

And the train is 15 minutes late, what do I do now?
Late trains are meant for something, I realized

Within 2-3 minutes she arrived, this time, alone
She also wants to catch the train! Wow!!

Wait, wait!! That doesn’t mean anything..
Doesn’t it? Coincidences aren’t accidents!!

I have time to know her by observing her
Found a place to know something interesting

While staring her, I found the peace in the rush,
The solitude in the crowd and beauty in detachment

Coincidently our eyes met and it showed the reflection
Of her soul, her inner voice, her entire way of being

And, to my disappointment, the way she looked at me
Like I’m prying on her, passing my time looking at pretty face

Those suspicious, skeptical eyes were giving me the signals of
She misunderstood me, I’m not the kind of guy you think I am

I know it’s very difficult for a girl to trust any stranger,
In today’s heinous world of rapist minds and eve teasers

But I had a crush on you, and I wasn’t following you,
I was genuinely interested to know you, but not from now

You think I’m a jackass who stares every beautiful girl that passes
Not every guy is a jackass who wants pass his time anyhow

The crazy fact is, there are the guys who respect girls,
And genuinely interested in them. Yeah, we will never know how
you feel in these social scenarios, but look at us through our eyes,
Not through those hypocrites who are disgrace to humanity.

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Why Not To Judge People?


“Hey, why didn’t you do that task? It’s very easy,” said father to Mike.

“I know that. I tried,” replied Mike.

“No, you didn’t. Anyone can do that without using their brain, but you.”

“I didn’t do that deliberately.”

“Is that your excuse?”

“I’m naive. I can make mistakes.”

“But, not this kind of silly mistake.”

“Anybody can make silly mistakes. It won’t happen again.”

“You say this everytime. But, do the same thing again.”

‘He never understands me or helps me know how to avoid it, because he is too busy in judging me and admonishing me, likes he never made silly mistakes’ says son in his mind, standing up quietly and looking down.

*             *              *

“Why are you upset, Mike?” asked his friend Ryan.

“Nothing. I don’t want to talk about it,” replied Mike.

“I’m not here to judge you, but to understand you.”

Mike told what happened. Ryan told him what to do instead of using his mind analyzing how he can make silly mistakes. And Mike felt good after that.

The crazy fact is, judging people yields bitterness and understanding yields strengthening of bond.

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I Made An Eye Contact

Was getting my bike fixed, let mechanic alone with his craft
Came on a roadside, watching vehicles rushing from both sides
Made an eye-contact with the glorious & bright eyes who had
No intentions of making me feel like I never felt before for few seconds

Those genuine eyes and simplicity in her poise, mesmerized me
She, on bike with a guy who didn’t look like her special one, but like a brother
Had so much hurry that he didn’t realize what those moments were
Rushed like others, leaving me fretful and disgruntled

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it, trying to understand that feeling
And after some time, she returned, again we made an eye contact like
We seeing each other for the first time, none of us anticipating it
Again for few seconds, it made me feel like I never felt before

As they were about to pass me, she blinked showing an acceptance
That we knew each other and looked straight giving me a hope
As Paulo Coelho said things that happen once may not happen again
But things which happens twice will happen the third time

This time she returned, alone, dropped her brother somewhere
As she was coming closer and close I made up my mind that
I will smile this time before she blinks, because eyes are reflections of soul
And smile is the shortest distance between two people

She was coming; my heartbeats fastened, and sweat on forehead
But this time… she passed like no one was there on roadside
My mouth stuck open, contemplating what about that smile which will
Never come for making the connections which I never saw coming

Reminiscing all, again and again, realized that eye-contact wasn’t
Like any other eye-contact I had with other mean beautiful girls who
Think we are greedy for their attention because they are beautiful
That qualifies them to be the queen of the world

But this time it was different, thought what mind couldn’t conceive
was understood by souls connected, but are eyes this powerful?
Or the mighty intensity of connection was the factor for infatuation
Maybe this wasn’t meant to be the third time or that wasn’t her brother

Will Smith said don’t chase people, the right ones will come and stay
So I could see her upto my eyesight could go, realized that eyes have limitations
When they are alone, but can go boundlessly deep when connected
The crazy fact is, eyes that connect souls can lead astray when heart is involved


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Where To Find Courage


I don’t know what is going on in mind

Don’t know why my head is aching

My eyes heavy, feeling purposeless

Feeling bored, feeling stuck in a time warp

I feel like my actions are restricted,

Not free, not driven by purpose

It’s bound to rules or trying to

Create an impression or image

Or don’t feel love, appreciated

No free and fearless actions

There is a rope to which

I’m bound, not allowing me to escape

Can’t do anything in my way,

Signed up for fulfilling expectations of

Others, for their approval

But I know that’s not my way

So what? Try to find an intermediate way

But that way involves compromising yourself

Doing things half-heartedly, mechanically

Without emotions and feelings involved

I’m a human, I can’t do that

In order to do things in my way

Doing what I think is right for me

Requires courage, confronting fears

Coming out of comfort zone

But don’t want to be uncomfortable

Because the crazy fact is,

People who are supposed to be my greatest fans,

Do not believe in me, then

From where I’m supposed to find courage


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