Understanding – The Two Way Street


“I know what Squash means to you. If you play good, you are happy and in good mood. But if things do not work out as planned in court, you are frustrated. And after the match, you are agitated. You can take the frustration out on me. You won’t get an answer in return,” said Ricky to Mathew.

“You got me. That’s true. Thanks for understanding me,” replied Mathew.

*          *         *

Ricky and other three friends were giggling at usual hangout place. One of them cracked a ridiculous joke and everyone burst out laughing. Everybody responded the way friends who are on same wavelength respond to any ridiculous joke. As a friendly gesture to this joke, Ricky, who is well known for his indecent and stupid activities, opened arms and stepped back laughing showing his uncontrollable riotous laugh. The moment he stepped back, his back feet fell on Mathew’s leg, whom he didn’t see coming from his backside. Mathew stroked his head with his hand, in response to his inability to see him coming.

“Why did you get your hands on me?” retorted Ricky.

“You got your feet on mine. And you are laughing indecently like this, are you mad or what?” clarified Mathew.

“I am mad or not is not the question here. I didn’t know you were coming from backside. How am I supposed to see what is happening on my back side? You knew I am getting back, why didn’t you get away from me?”

“You keep your absurd reactions to yourself. Those reactions are hurting people.”

“But it was unintentional. I couldn’t see you coming. I was ready to understand you when it comes to squash. And if you are not ready to understand these honest mistakes, I don’t care how you feel after Squash match. You don’t get to take your frustration on me from now.”

The crazy fact is, understanding is the two way street. If we are giving it to someone, there is nothing wrong in expecting back the same.

Curve Road – Image courtesy of nuttakit at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Handshake – Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut at FreeDigitalPhotos.net